• Earn an Extra Income Working From Home

  • Learn The Safe Way to Trade Stock Options

  • Crush the Awful Rates You Get With Your Bank

Stock Option Insurance Trader teaches a conservative options strategy. You can use the tools taught in the book along with a small savings account that is getting a lousy rate at the bank, crush those rates, and earn an extra income.

That’s what Stock Market Insurance Trader is for. It presents an easy-to-understand system for making money selling stock options. Some people view options as complex and risky. But this book teaches a conservative strategy to let you take a small savings account and turn it into a cash-making machine.

The book helps the beginner by starting with an analogy of selling homeowners insurance, explaining how it is just like the strategy used selling options in the stock market. From that beginning it walks through the complete process of entering trades, managing them, and building an entire portfolio of insurance trades for monthly income.

Of course there are no guarantees, and there is risk involved. But for people who want to learn how to generate a monthly income from their savings with a simple stock option strategy, this book is ideal.

What are readers saying about Stock Option Insurance Trader?

“Everything you need to know is laid out plain as day in a simple to understand way. It’s so simple it’s BRILLIANT!”

“Highly recommend this text for someone who is new to options.”

“Simple to read, understand and apply.”

“…an excellent job in presenting information in a clear and precise manner that even a newbie like me can digest.”

“The author is on the side of the reader. This is an excellent book.”

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