Eavesdrop at the Yahoo Finance “Cocktail Party”

Do you have your eye on a stock to invest in? Have you read the reports earn extra incomeand listened to Cramer? Do you wish you could talk to some professional analysts who cover the stock and get great stock tips? And let them do all of the fundamental analysis?

What if you could find that group of analysts and hear what they have to say?

Well let me take you for a little trip… to the Yahoo Finance Analyst Cocktail Party. At this exclusive affair, you can wander from room to room and hear what the people in the know think about your stock.

Come on over here! I’m in the library, and there is a group of 38 experts on Amazon. If you ask them what they think AMZN will do in the coming year, you’ll find that on average, they think it will head up 90 points. There’s even one fellow who thinks it will hit 500!

Let’s stop in the conservatory. Look, there’s Miss Scarlett with a knife spreading some cheese on her crackers. :) The analysts over in the corner are talking about IBM. You ask what they think, and these experts give you a clue. They don’t think it has much hope of going up much at all.

In the living room, there’s a guy sitting in the corner talking to himself. He’s an analyst and a supposed expert on some stock, but if he’s there by himself and he’s not talking to a group, then I wonder if he’s a bit of a crackpot. I won’t pay much attention to what he says; he’s not validated by the crowd.

So how can you get an invite to this party? It’s easy. Just head over to the Yahoo Stock Screener. You can find groups of analyst with scores for any stock and sort them to find the best stocks to buy. You want to weed out tiny companies and those that are barely covered and focus on the companies being analyzed by a crowd.

I’ve made a video to show you exactly how I use the Yahoo Stock Screener to findĀ  great stock tips. Grab the free video. It’s quick and easy.

Once you drop in on a few analyst cocktail parties, you will be surprised how Yahoo Stock Screener can boost your investment returns.