Introducing Stock Market Insurance Trader

So how do you like getting 1% per year on your money down at Bank of America? Can you live on that?

Would you like to develop an extra income stream making money every month?

There are dozens of books on trading stock options. Stock Market Insurance Trader is unique in that it focuses just on one trade. Rather than confusing you with an endless array of deltas and condors and bear calls (Oh My!), it shows you in detail how to do one trade and do it well. This book is all about the Insurance Agent Trade. It’s the best trade there is, and with just a few variations, it’s the only trade you will ever need. And the best news… Stock Market Insurance Trader makes it easy to learn… even if you have no experience in the stock market.

The beauty of this trade is that it automatically gives you outstanding profit if your stock is going up, going sideways, or even down a little. By employing the strategies outlined in Stock Market Insurance Trader, you can start with a small savings account and earn an extra income.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The Insurance Agent Trade
  • Easy Technical Analysis
  • Why This Trade Works So Well
  • Trade Management
  • Trade Variations
  • Advanced Trades
  • Risk Management
  • Stock Selection
  • Building A Portfolio
  • …and more

Of course some will tell you that options are complex and risky. Stock Market Insurance Trader takes the complexity out of options and teaches you how to boost your returns with defined risk trades. You’ll learn how to trade like the pros, not like the reckless amateurs.

Beginners, intermediate options traders, and gurus can all learn something in this breakthrough book.

If you would like to create a “small business” that you can run from your kitchen table and manufacture cash every month, then this book is for you.

Browse the Introduction right now and learn more about the Insurance Agent Trade. I know you’ll be excited!

Remember, you can buy the book right now and read it on your kindle, iPhone, PC, or even in the next tab of this browser.

If you’d like to get the complete strategy for the Insurance Agent Trade and Stock Market Insurance Trader, download this report.

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