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Can We Live On Today’s Miserable Interest Rates?

New Book Shows How To Earn Extra Income from the Stock Market

Raleigh, NC – June 10, 2014. Rates down at the local bank stink. Can we really live with savings earning 1% per year? Couldn’t everyone use some extra cash each month?

In his new book, author and stock option guru, John Marsland reveals the specific strategies he uses to earn an extra income from the stock market. Stock Market Insurance Trader provides investors with a simple and clear methodology to earn money each month, selling insurance in the stock market.

That’s what Stock Market Insurance Trader is for. It presents an easy-to-understand system for making money selling stock options. Some people view options as complex and risky. But this book teaches a conservative strategy to let you take a small savings account and turn it into a cash-making machine.

The book helps the beginner by starting with an analogy of selling homeowners insurance, explaining how it is just like the strategy used selling options in the stock market. From that beginning it walks through the complete process of entering trades, managing them, and building an entire portfolio of insurance trades for monthly income.

“With such dismal interest rates available from their banks, most savers are not keeping up with inflation,” said Marsland. “Stock Market Insurance Trader shows one way to dramatically increase the return on their money.”

Of course there are no guarantees, and there is risk involved. But for people who want to learn how to generate a monthly income from their savings with a simple stock option strategy, this book is ideal.

In order to get this information to as many people as possible, the book is available for free, for a limited time from Amazon/Kindle –


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Stock Market Insurance Trader provides an easy-to-understand method for using stock options to earn a monthly income. Learn more at

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John Marsland, Principal
Bradford Analytics, LLC


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