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People often ask me to name my favorite books on the stock market, trading, and investing. Here are some of them.

Stock Market Insurance Trader is my favorite stock options training book. Hey, of course I had to have it on this list :)
Rule#1 is my favorite fundamental analysis book. He trims down all of the gorp and focuses on the 5 key metrics for analyzing a stock and determining its real value.
I wrote Fiscal Cliff Investing at the end of 2012 when Congress was gearing up for the Fiscal Cliff. It discusses the ramifications and illustrates several methods for protecting your portfolio in the event of a downturn.
In this comprehensive book on options spread trading, Gareth Feighery, founder of MarketTamer, covers everything from bull put spreads to ratio backspreads to technical analysis and choosing a broker. Great stuff for beginner to intermediate traders.
Stikky Stock Charts has a bit of a feel of a child’s coloring book, but there is a deceptive amount of value here. I find myself grabbing it off the shelf from time to time just to immerse myself in charting and remind myself of what to look for in the stocks that I follow.
The Volatility Edge in Options Trading is an amazing analysis of option volatility. It will hurt your head, but it’s definitely worth it.
Free Report – If you want to learn more about the trading style discussed in Stock Market Insurance Trader, you can read this report.
Options Strategy – Risk/Return Ratios is another of my favorite head-hurting books. Brian is brilliant and takes the reader through a fascinating lesson in how to reduce risk with multilegged trading.
Although Trading for a Living was written over 20 years ago, it is largely timeless, and still the first book people choose when they want to trade for a living.
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Disclosure: As an affiliate, I’ll get a few nickels from Amazon from time to time for hooking you up with good books.

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